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Are you uncomfortable where you live?

You were anxious to move out of your parent’s house, get on with your adult life.  You always wanted to live in New York, Australia, Chicago, somewhere in the world, other than your parent’s house!

You could make it anywhere, get the job you wanted, live the life you always dreamed of.  WOW…life would be sweet and perfect.

Then you move and ‘stuff’ starts happening.  You get into the wrong group of people, negative people, untrustworthy people, oh the list can go on.  You have a job, you lose the job, you can’t get a job. People stab you in the back or run you over with a bus, then back it on up.  Has this ever happened to you?

Why is this happening to you?  What did you do to deserve this?  This was your DREAM, your DESIRES, why is this happening?

It’s called ENERGY.  Energy is what is in our lives. We have it all around us daily.  Do you feel it?  Can you see it?

Why is that you can allow someone in your space (3 feet around you approximately) and feel good with that person?  What about the person who gets in your space and you just want them to move out?  It’s ENERGY!

The same is for the different places we want to live, to make our home.  But does that ENERGY fit within our energy? For sure it does not if you have a lot of negativity around you.

Can you change it, the ENERGY where you are living…from personal experience, no you cannot?

Let me explain; I lived in New England for seven LONG grueling years.  I tried meditation, playing my crystal bowls, adjusting my frequency, hiding, you name it, I probably did it. My energy did not even embrace the ENERGY of New England. A few years later I went back to visit a friend and she drove me around where “I used to live”, I couldn’t even remember the place, like I had never been there before.  Nothing looked familiar.

When I finally moved to a place I knew would work for both my husband and I, we moved.

How did I do this? One I visited the place I wanted to live several times. I looked at our situation, could we move, could we afford to move, could we make ends meet. The answer for all was “No.” But I knew that if I did move, I could make all my Dreams & Desires come true.  We moved.

I also studied a program called astrocartography. This took years to study, to understand, to work with, it wasn’t an overnight journey. But it does work and it works well.

Are you stuck? Need to get away from all the negativity around you?  Need to make your Dreams & Desires come true?

I can help you through astrocartography.

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