It’s all about FUNshops – 2019 Classes being prepared.


This page is all about having FUN and learning.  Who likes to go to a ‘workshop or class’ only to be lectured to?  This is an opportunity to learn in a FUN environment, but also to share ideas.  We come from different cultural backgrounds and learning can be FUN this way.

The FUN in Fermentation – Learning how to make your own Kombucha and other great foods.

Crystal Bowl Meditation – Learn how to use the bowls for meditation, healing and clarity.

Guided Meditation – Journey through the quietness to connect with your higher-self, your guides and maybe meet your animal spirit along the way.

Spells, Prayers and Herbal Power – Learn how working with herbs can help support you and your higher-self. We will learn how to work with herbs in making tinctures, oils, incense and more.

Goddess Class – Finding the Goddess inside of you, what a great class to reconnect with yourself.  Yes, yourself.  We forget that the number one person is ‘our-self” and when we reconnect to that Goddess, we have the ability to really take care of others.



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Herbal Remedies




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