Magic, Magik, Magick, Majjik, comes in many spellings and in many forms.

From prayers, to spells, to Houdini, to the mystical side of our minds.  There is right way and wrong way to do magic.  Ask Houdini himself, he did it the wrong way. 🙂

I have been doing many forms of magic for 40+ years.  Candle magic, herb magic, spells/castings, prayers and many more.

One of my favorite, is candle magic.  Just another modality that has taken years to learn, not to Master.  I am always learning to get better and more defined with the helps of  my elders and peers I respect.

Fire is a great element to work with for many levels of healing and introspection, and when you add the moon to it…WOW, great things can happen along the way.

Every candle, color, writings, herbal oils, help create individual healing, prayers, & movement of the energy.  I have seen many beautiful things happen during and after completing magic ceremonies.

I can create different prayers/spells that will work with your energy and what you are seeking.

Herbal Remedies




Wine Country & Sedona Region

Cornville, AZ, United States
You're just a few minutes from beautiful AZ wine country. 3 local vineyards have daily tastings. 15 mins to Sedona, as the beauty of the mountains capture your imagination. 15 mins to historical Je...