Tarot has been around for centuries.


From family games to gypsies telling your future on their travels to make money.  Oh those gypsies, yep, there were  my ancestors.  I was taught by my grandmothers, aunts, mentors and other gypsy women how to read the tarot cards.  It was a learning processes, but also a very intuitive process.  I use tarot cards so the person “I am reading”, can see something.  I really don’t need the cards, but it makes it easier for those being read to understand what their guides are trying to say.  It also show them what path they are on and changes can be made, if the reader chooses to change their ways.

  • Seer – I have been doing tarot readings for 40+years.  My ability and gift of second sight, has allowed me to draw in visions of the past, the present and the future.  Keep in mind however, we have FREE WILL, that means the moment you decide to change your energy, your path can change. One thing for certain, you will always reach your destiny, no matter which path you take.
  • Private Readings
  • Reading Parties
  • Moon Ceremonies
  • Spirit Medium – Gigi has been communicating with those who have crossed over and helps those to reconnect on the other side.
  • Guided Meditations – Gigi has mastered the ability to use her gifts with her voice and energy to help you with personal healing, remembering your dreams, and remembering your personal power.
  • Entity Clearing – Gigi’s knowledge of the ‘other side’, has the ability to move unwanted entities out of your personal space.


For personal inquiries, please connect with Gigi here.




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