A great story was passed down in my family from my grandmother (on my mother’s side). It was about polio in the 40s. My father was one of the youngest kids stricken by the disease; which at that time caused the neighborhood to go into quarantine mode. My grandmother, not one for keeping kids inside, made “garlic necklaces” for all her children. The kids would wear the necklace day and night against their skin under a cotton shirt, to protect and keep them “immune” from the disease…not one was afflicted and the good news, they said my father was so unruly that polio couldn’t stick!

For myself, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, hyperthyroid. After careful introspection, I changed my life, my eating habits, created herbal tinctures, more mediation and I cured myself of the devastating disease.  My doctor was perplexed and didn’t understand how this could happen! She wanted to remove my thyroid immediately & put me on meds for the rest of my life. So I explained to her the power of mediation and herbal treatments, to say the least she wasn’t impressed. 🙂

My daughter came down with a cyst on her ovary at a young age, through the help of a mentor and herbal master (Di), we were able to dissolve the cyst through herbal treatments, Reiki and good old fashion prayers.

There are many more stories I can share, but you would be reading forever.

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