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I work with herbs and essences to help a body go through the natural process of healing.

These two methods are NOT over night fixes. It takes a while for the herbs and the body to connect, especially if you have taken or are on medical drugs. But with that said, those who work with herbs and essences daily will have quicker results in healing.

I have studied the plants & trees for most of my life.  I had the honor of being taught by my grandmother. Every place that we moved to, I would study the local plant life. I would learn how to work with it and share my findings with others.

For example: now living in the Southwest, the desert is a magnificent place to study plant life. One of my favorites (right now), is Broom Snakeweed.

The indigenous people used this plant to actually make brooms. It is also used for colds, coughs, dizziness, wounds, insect bites, arthritis and headaches.  AMAZING plant.

Are you looking for natural remedies to help in your healing, a natural cough syrup for your child or just want to learn?

You can purchase your Essential Oil through me. 

First time buyers will receive 10% off and no shipping fees.



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