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Theurgy is a very old word, someone in this decade does not use the word.  But my guides gave me the word to use, it helps describe what I do. I actually had to look it up to see what it was and to make sure I was spelling it right. LOL

I do magic, white magic to be precise, I would not use black magic no matter what!  THE UNIVERSAL LAW – it comes back 3 Fold, isn’t put out there to scare you, it actually does happen.  Have you ever wished ‘ill-will’ on someone who has done you wrong, only to be hit with negativity, bad things happening to you? This is the 3 Fold law.

When you feel that you have been a victim, someone has done ill-will to you, the best thing to do is to ‘forgive’ yourself, then find a way to forgive others, sending them positive prayers.  This keeps you safe, your family safe, your pets safe, for not spreading that negativity.

I have always told my family, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.  Don’t make excuses like “I couldn’t come to work because my mom is sick” (when she isn’t), why?  You’ve sent that energy to her and she will be come sick.

We are not perfect and there are times we slip up with our words, but you can always rectify that.

Everyone does magic in their own way.  Some call it spells, casting, meditation, and others call it prayers.  Either way, this way of theurgy, we can help shift thoughts & energies to work for those who are in need of healing, learning and having the knowledge, & teaching those to connect to their loved ones passed on.

I can help facilitate you on therugy in your own way.

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