Singing Bowls

Meditation – teaching the body & mind to be still. Learn how mediating, visualization can change your thoughts, your energy, your ‘luck’ and your outlook on life.

Being still allows you to hear your guides, angels, gods/goddesses as they give you divine guidance.

Crystal bowls emerged from the concept of the Tibetan Brass Temple Bowl. They are highly effective tools, capable of inducing a profound, beneficial altered state of consciousness.

There are several energy vortexes or Charkas in our body, but seven major chakras that are responsible for the movement of positive/negative energy into and between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The bowls act as a bridge that stimulates the cellular memory and allows for the body to relax and enjoy the healing process.

Each bowl is a different size played with a wooden mallet covered in suede. Because of the individual size of the bowls they will create a high tone or a low tone that will correlate to a chakra. I use these bowls in meditations, chakra attunements and energy work. I have created a chakra meditation that allows the body to relax and receive the vibration and tone therapy it needs for healing.

My Personal Healing Experience Through Crystal Bowls


In 1995 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a hyperthyroid and not a pretty disease.

The only option I had from the medical staff was to destroy my thyroid and put me on medication the rest of my life, however, that was not an option. I chose the method of self-healing because I believe our bodies are meant to heal themselves.

The throat chakra is one of the seven major chakras and it is the “truth” area. I have met a lot of women who seem to experience this problem of their thyroid, either hyper or hypo. I needed to question myself and figure out why my throat was sending me this message. This took work and self-exploration, not where I wanted to be at the time and it took some time.

I literally changed my life style to heal myself. I understand that a lot of people cannot just quit their former life and what they are doing. But I believe that if a person truly wants help and a positive change, they will seek the path that will help them grow. I changed my entire life style, my job, my schooling, and my eating habits. I then went back to my meditations and worked with the throat chakra bowl as the primary bowl, but used all seven bowls in my meditations to create a balance. After six months my Graves Disease was gone and my doctor was questioning me on how I did it.

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