~ By Gigi Rock/1997

The Hopi Indians have a prophecy that is being fulfilled with the “Coming of the Rainbow Warriors.”  In this prophecy they speak of the Keepers of Crystal Bowls.  Could I be one of the Rainbow Warriors?

I had several visions in 1995 of me sitting among a circle of bowls; at first I thought they were drums.  I laughed at myself and thought “how great to play the drums.”  However the visions became stronger and clearer throughout the year.  Then one day a friend came to me and asked me if I had heard of the crystal bowls or ever listened to them.  He showed me one bowl and began playing it. That’s exactly what I had envisioned.  At first I played the bowls in a single line and then in a circle around me as I had envisioned.  I have been playing crystal bowls for several years now and I have reaped the benefits from their healing capabilities.

Crystal bowls have emerged from the concept of the Tibetan Brass Temple Bowl; they are highly effective tools, capable of inducing a profound, positive, beautiful and beneficial altered state of consciousness.

I use these bowls in healings, meditations, and chakra attunements.  There are seven major energy centers in the body commonly referred to as chakras.  They are responsible for inflows and outflows of energy into and between the various bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).  Each chakra corresponds to the vibration of a specific musical note the bowl is tuned to.  A healthy chakra is able to attract or release energy as needed.  They can open to positive influences & close to harmful influences.  An unhealthy, blocked chakra can lead to phobias, irrational emotions and thoughts.  The bowls act as an inter-dimensional bridge and help us reach into ourselves, awakening the cellular memory and healing the energetic body.

I use the bowls in group settings or with individuals.  While an individual is being massaged the bowls create a safe, quiet, relaxed environment and consciousness in less time than the rocking technique massage therapists use.  When a person is in this altered state they become clearer to read and I am able to pick up on the blocks of their chakras and help with the healing process as they receive the physical and spiritual healing as one.  In a group setting, several things have occurred from hysterical laughter to heart wrenching sobs.  I know that these individuals are being touch and healed through my bowls.

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