With all that has happened in the past few days it’s been difficult to think of anything else, but tonight I am allowing myself to feel the wonder again of the trip to Sedona. I just want to say Thank You for introducing me to such wonderful places and people. The experience changed my life and I am truly grateful. LL&L, Joyce

“When I received an invitation to join this group in Sedona, it took awhile for me to make up my mind to go. I really knew no one except the shop owner and even then I did not know her very well. When I boarded the plane, I kept telling myself, “What on earth do I have in common with these people, what was I thinking of taking a trip with 13 strangers?” Gigi made me feel comfortable right from the start with her sparkling personality and her ability to read people. By the middle of the first day, I knew that I belonged there and that there was a reason I had to make that trip. Gigi’s knowledge of the area and her ability to connect with EACH person on the trip was remarkable. You felt as if she knew you. By the time this trip was over, I had 13 new, very good friends, a few of which I still keep in constant contact. I feel that Gigi, with her decision to share Sedona with us, changed my life. And for that I will always be grateful.” Sue O.

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Wine Country & Sedona Region

Cornville, AZ, United States
You're just a few minutes from beautiful AZ wine country. 3 local vineyards have daily tastings. 15 mins to Sedona, as the beauty of the mountains capture your imagination. 15 mins to historical Je...