This is a FUN page, something to get to know me a little better.  I’m a clown, a laughter, a comedian, I just want to have fun in this human form.

However, over the years, people have tried to define me, give me a name, a title, something to describe me, so here is what I have taken throughout the years and made it FUN.

White for the type of magick I do, Rhino for my power animal I have had “forever” and witch because I am wise (at least in my mind 🙂 ). Witch’s have a bad rap & so I never walked around saying I was a witch and I practiced witchcraft, that’s just silly and back in the day could get you killed.

I’ve always thought of myself as a Pagan and that seems to have its own connotations now. I do not belong to any other coven but my own and I do not practice Wicca (this is a religion).

Pagan is defined as a polytheistic religion, we believe in many gods/goddesses and we worship nature and the Mother Earth, that’s our spirituality.

My grandmother taught me about herbs, spirits and how to work with nature; she still does from the spirit world. I can remember rocking with her as she whispered herbs in my ears and what they were used for, not that I would remember until later in life.  Many other great ladies have even taught me more & I am grateful to Mother Earth for the biggest lessons.

So this name came to me in a flash and made so much sense, just for fun & just because.  I am the White Rhino Witch….

[A very dear friend, Pemm wrote this for me. Thank you]

“Come, be with me awhile feel the strength from our venture as we step out into the void excited, yet nervous at what the universe holds for us receive the light, be enlightened. We are the writers of our own song our tune comes from within come, sing with me allow our souls to sing free flight into the chasm of self be the light, be enlightened.” (c) Pemm

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